Guidelines for Senior Students

All Year 12 students will select 6 courses.  

All year 13 students will select 5 courses.

Students may take a multi-level course - which can include subjects from any level. This must be fully discussed with your subject teachers.

In Year 12 it is advisable to study a language rich course as part of your programme. This enables students to gain the UE Literacy requirements - five level 2 Reading and Writing credits. Courses which provide 5 Reading and 5 Writing credits are Classics, Drama, English and History. Most students gain these from Level 2 English. Level 2 English is also a requirement into many trades, the defence forces and tertiary training.

It is important that students check out any tertiary course requirements very carefully and ensure their course of study meets the requirements for the qualification, training or employment they are aiming to enter.

Courses that are University approved are indicated by a *. If you are not sure what you want to do in the future, leave your course selection broad, to ensure flexibility.

If you wish to study a course that you have not taken before, speak with your Whanau teacher, and speak to the relevant Head of Department.