Preparing to leave school

When you begin investigating leaving school, here are some suggestions, places you can go for information and people who may be able to help you to prepare.  

  1. Make an appointment to see a careers counsellor.

Here you will be able to develop a career plan and register with Youth transition services.  YTS aim is to assist young people to make the transition from school into further education, training or employment. They will be able to offer you help beyond school.  This is especially important if you still don't know what your next step will be.

2.    Prepare a CV

There are plenty of templates for making an eye-catching and appealing CV or resume.  Check here for one on the Careers NZ website.  Look out for CV workshop opportunities offered by the Careers Department - they will advertised through the daily notices.  Be honest and prepared to describe your attributes and back up your skills with examples. Kahore te kumara e whaakii ana tāna reka. However, if you do not blow your own trumpet, who will?

3.    Do some research

For information about what is available locally, look here to access a wonderful, interactive site designed to help you make a positive transitions from education to employment.  You can find out who in Whangarei can help you and what education and employment opportunities exist in Tai Tokerau.  In other parts of useful information you can find links to trades organisations, universities and other tertiary providers.  Many publications can be found in the Careers department in R13.  There are also Careers staff who can help you find stuff out. This site will give you some ideas about employment prospects.  

Careers NZ has just included this wonderful resource in their site - you absolutely must check it out here.

For something that may help you find out about a career direction that works for you, no major drama gives a fun way to sort out what is important to you and how that relates to careers.

4.    Check finances

Whether your next steps cost you money or earn you money, there is still a lot to learn.  Taxes, saving, budgeting, banking, loans, debt and many more financial aspects, are all part of your adult life. Here are some useful sites to find out more:



If you are continuing your education, the first thing you should check out is your fees free eligibility, then enroll with studylink to activate your student loan. 

There are many places where you can find out about scholarships to help fund your learning.  Try:

moneyhub scholarships

Maori education scholarships

Generosity - you can find this on your desktop and can access it on the WGHS network.  You will need to login and create your own password

Other places to find scholarships include training providers, iwi, keep an eye on the school notices and check out the file in the careers department office.  Remember to be gracious - whether you are successful or not, it pays to acknowledge the opportunity to apply.  If you are successful, letting the funders know the difference that their scholarship makes to you and your future.  

5.    Get some experience.

Check out work experience opportunities.  Ask at the Careers centre for information about Gateway and STAR courses.  Find a part time job or see if you can volunteer or intern in a work place.

6.    Do you need references?

Who can you ask?  The principal, your Dean or Careers advisor will all write references for you.  Often your whanau teacher knows you better than anyone else in the school, so they may be happy to write about you.  Sports Coaches, youth group leaders and employers can also be good references as to your attributes, strengths and talents.  Make sure your referee knows what you are applying for so they can tailor their remarks to suit and give them plenty of warning so it is done in time!  If you have to write something about yourself, here is a link to some great adjectives you can use to describe yourself.  Remember you may be asked to give examples and show evidence of your claims!

7.    Protect your WGHS digital footprint

When you leave, you will no longer have access to anything stored on the WGHS network. Read this document to ensure you keep what you need.  It takes time, so don't leave it to the last minute.  You will need either a USB drive or another google account to send data to.  Don't want to keep anything?  What if an employer asks for a report or you need work for a portfolio?  

8.    Complete a leaving form

Collect a leaving form form from the Deans' Centre.  You will need to get this filled in by meeting with each of your teachers, your dean, library, sports office, accounts and careers.  This is a necessary process as it not only allows you to say goodbye and thank you to the people that have been involved in your school life, but also to generate your leaving certificate.  You do need a leaving certificate in order to enter into some courses for funding purposes.

Some additional useful sites.

Career Services online resources to help you make job and training decisions.  It outlines thousands of different jobs and gives an overview of the likely employment market in those jobs         

Links to training providers and tips on interview techniques, writing CV’s and application letters etc

Advice about employment matters, right and responsibilities, pay and leave entitlements.

Try this.  Within this website occupational outlooks looks at the income, fees and job prospects for a wide range of occupations arranged by vocational pathways. The Pdfs have useful detailed information for them.

NZ govt site with job vacancies, job seeking advice and tips and links to other job search sites

NZ Govt initiative provides the easiest and most secure way to prove your identity online. RealMe® allows you to access multiple online services with one username and password, and securely prove who you are online. You will need this for study link

Listings for job seekers, also features a job hunters guide section and up to date national salaries guide

Excellent resources and articles for career planning, tips on interviews and CV’s, starting a career and finding jobs.

New resource which highlights the jobs in the various vocational pathways

The courses available locally at Northtec

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