Guidelines for Year 11

All Year 11 students must have 12 lines in their timetable.  Many courses are 6 months long and will count as 1 line.  Where a course runs for a full year, it will count as 2 lines. In case you are unable to do a course, you can also choose 2 alternatives.

Every student must do a course in English and Maths (students need to talk to their teachers in these subjects for guidance on the best courses for them).  Including at least one science course in your programme is recommended.  Check the pathways to subjects in Years 12 and 13 - make sure your chosen course will allow you to follow into the subjects you will need in future.  If you are unsure, check with the teacher in charge - you can email them from the course page.

Approximately 20 credits in Level One NCEA will be available. These will come primarily from English and Mathematics and focus on the required literacy and numeracy credits.


  • Mostly semester (half Year courses) 
  • Students can choose up to 12 courses and must have a full timetable.
  • Students must do a course in English and Maths, Science is recommended (students need to talk to their teachers in these subjects for guidance on the best courses for them).


  • Approximately 20 credits in Level One NCEA will be offered. 
  • These will come primarily from English and Mathematics and will cover most of the necessary literacy and numeracy credits.
  • Credits are available from other subjects should students need them in order to gain 20 credits to take forward into Year 12. 

In year 11 the focus is on:

Deeper, wider learning

There will be a focus on learning for learning’s sake as opposed to credit accumulation. There will be learning time to explore deeply, and scaffold and teach students the requirements for “Excellence” in terms of depth of answers and the ability to apply and analyse their learning in different contexts. There is an amazing range of 6 month courses available to Year 11 students which will engage and inspire them to want to be life-long learners. 

Focus on better grades

Students will be better prepared for the requirements of Level Two assessment in 2021. Our emphasis is on higher quality of achievement at Level Two and Level Three – that is students gaining more Merit and Excellence grades. By reducing the number of credits in Level One students will gain the confidence needed for tackling Level Two. The number of credits attempted will be reduced to approximately 90 credits (only 60 needed) at Level Two, which should reduce the stress often experienced when students have multiple internal assessments in the one week.

Level 2 is the new benchmark

Level One has little currency in the workforce. Employers and Course providers are looking for Level Two as a minimum. Students who gain Level Two automatically have gained Level One. Over the years, we have been extremely proud of the number of students who have achieved National representative levels. Every year we have students who have left us with $50,000+ Scholarships to various Universities, along with those who have gone on to achieve really well at University and in the work force. We do not see these successes diminishing at all with the changes that are being implemented. 

Questions frequently asked:

What happens if I don’t get Literacy and Numeracy in Year 11?

Literacy can be gained from a wide range of subjects in Yr 12. Numeracy can also be gained at level 2 but students should be aiming to get this in Year 11 if at all possible.

You will be expected to complete literacy and numeracy and NCEA Level 2 in 2021.  You will need to choose your subjects wisely so you can get the required credits.

Can I repeat a course - ie do it twice?

No, but there are a huge range of courses available, try something new!  Remember to check for exclusions, too.  Some subjects cannot be done together.

When will I get practice at externals ?

This will happen in year 12.  Remember that the big exams at the end of the year are being phased out and replaced with digital assessments throughout the year.

Will I be assessed ?

Yes - you will still do assessments and practice NCEA type assessments, answering to high levels. These will be reported through the parent portal.

Where will my 20 credits come from?

Primarily from English and Maths. If you do not get the full 20 from here, they will be available from other subject areas.

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